Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A season to be "Twitterpated"!

It's a joy to be twitterpated! Thumper the rabbit.

Springtime is here! So I wanted to do some spring-time themes. Today, I'm Thumper!

Plus who doesn't love the snuggly-adorable woodland animals from Disney's original animated film "Bambi" (1942). I had a movie poster of Bambi in my bedroom as a child, and I always loved looking at the flowers printed on the paper. 

Here are some facts that I found about the film "Bambi". 

  • Bambi was intended to be Disney's second animated feature film, and pre-production began in 1936. But Walt's quest for perfection delayed the production, and four other films were completed and released before Bambi.
  •  Various animated sequences from Bambi were reused in other Disney feature films. Bambi and his mother appear in The Rescuers. Bambi's mother appears in the very first shot of Beauty and the Beast, and also in The Sword in the Stone, and The Jungle Book.
  • Some of the scenes in the film (woodland creatures and the forest fire) are actually unused footage from Pinocchio.


"Come on Bambi!!"

" If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all."

A gray headband, shorts, and cardigan to match his gray coat. Pink undertones to match his little nose and toe pads. White shrug to credit his big fluffy tail! Floral tights represent the flower beds he plays with his friends in.