Saturday, March 30, 2013

So define a Wardrobe "Shuffle".....

Not to be confused with a "wardrobe malfunction".

A Wardrobe Shuffle: To take what one already owns in their personal wardrobe, closet, chest of drawers, trunk, Mary Poppins carpet bag, etc; and mix and match the individual garment pieces together in ways never done before in order to create new and interesting ensembles.

A few months ago, I found myself standing in front of my wardrobe with a complete and utter fashionista-fearing creative outfit block. (That's like writer's block without the blank paper). I realized I was having trouble putting together outfits that seemed fresh. 

I've been studying acting and have a background sewing and creating costumes for theatrical purposes, and in that world we try to use our existing resources before ever resorting to making purchases. So I decided to put those scavenger skills I learned in the costume studio to the test. I gave myself a challenge to see what ensembles I could create. Inspired by anything I love, and those around me, I quickly began formulating outfits that I never knew I had! 

It such an exciting experience to rediscover your clothes. (Not to mention its very healthy for your wallet!) That old blue dress suddenly became reminiscent of one of your favorite action scenes of a  particular movie. The forgotten scarf suddenly has a new lease on life, and the once-gaudy ring you bought on clearance has discovered its purpose in the great clothing life-stream. 

New clothing trends are always fun to try, but they can put a mega-drain on your hard-earned cash. Now I'm not bashing the ancient art of shopping, or dissing the use of retail therapy. (What kind of a woman would I be if I did?!) I'm simply suggesting to go through what you already you own before spending a fortune on that frothy pink dress when the dusty-rose wrap dress you purchased a year ago will work just fine. 

Fashion is a wonderful way to express your beautiful and lovely self. If you love electric blue jeggings, with a space patterned burn-out tee, and orange hair bows: You ROCK IT! I want to spread the message that you don't have to dress to please others. You costume your life in what makes you happy, for no one else's benefit. There are always exceptions to when we can wear whatever we please, but when it comes to everyday life, wear what you love because life is too short to look like every other girl or boy dressed in the same name-brand shorts, shirt, and flip flops. 

Let the shuffling commence!